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how to homeschool

Peacefully & Productively

A digital course

by Carli Baum & Avaline Bruinsma



how to homeschool

Peacefully & Productively

Would you like access to 25 years of homeschooling expertise at the click of your mouse? You're in the right place!

Our game-changing digital course

will help you:

  • Stop stressing about home schooling.

  • Establish a fail-safe rhythm that will get your children the educational outcomes they need.

  • Strengthen, instead of strain, your family relationships.

  • Preserve your sanity this year.



the NewSchool System works!

“When I started my homeschool journey I was very insecure, with no confidence in my own capability.  Avaline spoke into my life, as a mother and as a teacher and had an absolutely massive impact. 


Her brilliant insights and manner inspired me to love the process of learning “how to teach” and even how to relearn things myself that I had struggled with as a child.


She was my biggest cheerleader and an inspiration for my children as she explained even difficult processes in a simple and understandable way.” 

Debbie - Mother of 5

what's included

2.5 hours of in-depth audio instruction from Avaline & Carli with bright and engaging accompanying slideshows + printable course workbook.


module 1

time: 27 minutes

Module 1 is a heart warming and encouraging introduction to How To Homeschool: Peacefully & Productively that:

  • Introduces you to Avaline & Carli

  • Shows you several things that you're already rocking when it comes to homeschool (YES, even if you are brand new to it!)

  • Offers an in-depth conversation on the many ways homeschool is wonderful from Avaline's over 25 years in homeschool facilitation, planning and overseeing. 

  • Goes over how to tap into this homeschooling wisdom goldmine now and as many times as you need on your homeschooling journey. 

module 2

Module 2 is a grounding and inspiring conversation with Avaline on the importance of Vision that covers:

  • how the most successful homes Avaline visited (out of hundreds and hundreds!) established family visions.

  • what a homeschool vision statement is

  • why it's important

  • how to write your vision statement

  • how to write a purpose & legacy statement. 

  • when to refer to them and how they help on good days and challenging ones.


module 3

Module 3 is a sizeable and tangible discussion with Avaline on Planning for Success and includes

  • tips to physically set up your homeschool space in a mindful and cost efficient way. 

  • An enlightening conversation that demystifies the concept of curriculum: what it is, where to get it and how to teach from it daily, in a way that gets educational results. This is some serious teacher insider info here!

  • Much more!


module 4

Module 4 is the A-Z of homeschool teaching methods that Avaline has seen yield remarkable educational results when implemented, including:

  • parent schedule coaching for best learning results 

  • suggested daily order of learning & why

  • demystifying subject weighting to help with daily time allocations per subject

  • tips for helping children learn with virtual schooling/online class settings

  • Memorization techniques, essay writing & note-taking master class coaching.

  • Discussion of differentiation of home & school space. 

  • Much more!

time: 17 minutes

time: 29 minutes

time:38 minutes


module 5

time: 17 minutes

Module 5 is a beautiful list of rituals Avaline highly recommends and how they yield remarkable results. Module includes:

  • Start/Finish rituals for the day

  • Snack rituals

  • Safety/Financial Literacy rituals

  • Spelling/Math/Reading Rituals

  • Attitude Rituals

  • Much more!

module 6

time: 25 minutes

In module 6, Carli discusses how to strengthen your mindset as the parent, to ensure you and your family achieve the results you seek this year. It includes:

  • How to start this year empowered

  • Tips for dealing with challenging emotions

  • Creating sacred space in your home for you & your children that serves learning and life. 

  • How to establish a mindful morning for overall daily success

  • Mindful preparation to prevent mental exhaustion

  • Much more!

printable course workbook!

Also included...

How to Homeschool Digital Course

Our stunning course workbook seldom repeats the instruction of the course, and instead,  offers 29 pages of expert planning systems and tangible worksheets to implement systems taught within the course!

Scheduling systems, vision, purpose and legacy planning exercises, parent portfolio divider sheets, spelling exercises, mindful morning journal prompts, grade-at-a-glance templates and much more!


Contents are to be printed over and over again for your convenience! Course includes workbooks in full colour and black and white!

This is everything I've been looking for!

bonus content!

And now for some

How to Homeschool Digital Course

WITH OVER 650 5-STAR reviews, we are pleased to be including our best-selling, top-ranked Teachers Pay Teachers Essay Writing & Note-Taking units that combine for over 75 pages of high level writing instruction and printable activities totalling nearly 20 lesson plans!

In Module 4 Avaline touches on the unescapable importance of children learning how to write strong essays, during grade school, university/college and even beyond (as many jobs opportunities require essays in conjunction with resumes.)


Our Complete Essay Writing Unit applies to Grades 3-12, with many concepts that can be introduced as early as grade 1 & 2 (like understanding the components of a strong paragraph). This workbook alone has 66 pages of in-depth instruction and printable activities for your children. 

The Cornell Note-Taking Method is our top selling note-taking resource we simply couldn't leave out of the How to Homeschool Peacefully & Productively course. It will equip your children for better knowledge retention, essay writing and exam preparation.

If your children learned from this BONUS PACK alone, their educational journey will be IMMEASURABLY IMPROVED!


how to homeschool

Peacefully & Productively

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So how much does the course cost?

We are pleased to offer How to Homeschool Peacefully & Productively, which includes the cumulative impact of the following expertise ....​

The best homeschooling & overall education practices from Avaline's....​​

  • 40 years of in-class teaching experience (all grades, including highschool & college)

  • 25 years of supervising hundreds and hundreds of homeschooling families.

  • 10+ years of homeschooling her own children.

  • 25 years of curriculum and program planning for homeschool families

  • 26 years of employment with Alberta's top-ranked homeschooling board.

Tangible practices in mindfulness in parenthood & entrepreneurship while home educating from Carli's....

  • 10 years of small business ownership & entrepreneurship

  • 10 years of empowered thinking writing & education

  • 15 years experience in copy-writing & graphic design (this course is designed intentionally to be a beautiful, easy to read and listen experience for you!)

  • 6 years of work-from-home motherhood with three children, 6 and under - contributing guidance to course content from the perspective of a mother new to homeschool this year. 

  • Personal, positive homeschool education experience from childhood.

... For the price of what the average Canadian family

pays for groceries in a single week!

max convenience!

Four monthly payments of



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One time payment of





This passion project was born out of the year 2020 and its myriad challenges. With so many parents suddenly new to homeschooling (Carli included!), we knew we had to join forces to infuse some calm and clarity into what has felt like a chaotic year. 


This course is intended to empower you with simple systems that, when implemented, should immediately establish more peace in your homeschool rhythm and increase your family's productivity (among so many other benefits!).

If, for any reason, you don't feel like your peace or productivity has markedly improved after regular implementation of our systems for 30 days, we promise to buy the course back from you. It's our NewSchool Guarantee.




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