• Carli Baum

EPISODE 3: Own Your Choice


Move forward with confidence now that you've chosen your family's educational direction this year. We know this year will require lots of flexing, learning and even pivoting at times depending on where you live and a ton of variables outside your control. But right now, moving forward with confidence is your next best move. LISTEN IN NOW to learn why.

Fellow mamas, listen in this week for a ten minute pep talk that will have you feeling fired up and excited about the possibility that this year holds.

It's been a summer of heavy data, much wondering and a ton of unknowns. And still, you've made a decision and are moving forward mindfully. Today I celebrate that and explain why you should too.

Listen in for the virtual hug you've been looking for ever since things got crazy and something as bankable as 'back to school' suddenly felt shaky and uncertain.

I am proud of you for deciding on a direction and I think you should be proud of yourself too.

Many changes, adjustments and/or pivots may still need to occur this year and that is ok. What matters is that you honour the decision you've made in this moment and give it the best shot it's got at working out brilliantly.

If you end up having to switch gears, have your own back then as well.

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